What shall I wear?

Yep, we’re all saying the same thing, so I thought I’d offer some thoughts and suggestions to try and help the decision process.

In a nutshell, wear whatever makes you feel good. However, there are a couple of things that would make my life easier from a photography point of view;

1. Avoid bold prints, patterns, zigzags and stripes

2. Avoid chunky ‘statement’ jewellery

3. Avoid thick / many layers

I find that these elements draw the eye too much and become distracting.

My steer would be towards ‘feminine / casual’. This may mean something different to each of us but that is absolutely fine – we are individuals and I want to reflect that – go with what makes you feel good.

It might be worth considering the location we are in – for example, if we are in a parkland setting, casual trousers and jumper or a summer dress may work better than a formal evening dress. If it helps, bring a selection of outfits along to give us options.

Colour palette wise I favour neutral / pastels and charcoal / navy / wine.  Given that the shoots will take place outside in summertime I think this will produce a more harmonious look and feel to the images but again, it has to be what you feel most confident and kick ass in.

I do not want to be too prescriptive over this – what suits one person may not suit another and the important thing is for you to feel comfortable, confident and sassy.

At the end of the day, please, be you.

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