Who are you?

I am Vanessa Mills, a 53 year old photographer based in Cambridge, UK. I completed my BA in Photography at Cambridge School of Art in June 2012 and have been a semi-professional photographer ever since.

Why are you doing this?

The ‘NATURALISTAS’ series was born out of my desire as a photographer to create a meaningful body of work, a body of work that makes a social comment and that supports a view that I feel passionately about.

What kind of women are you looking for?

Normal women. Normal, everyday women who are wearing their hair naturally silver, who see their hair as a representation of their confidence, personal choice and sensuality.

Where will the photo shoot take place?

At a mutually convenient location which we will decide upon once we are ready to shoot, however it is most likely I will travel to you.

How long will the shoot take?

2-3 hours approximately.

Can I bring a friend / chaperone?

Yes, of course but one person only please. I like to keep the number of people on a shoot to the absolute minimum. Too many people will make it unnecessarily distracting for both of us.

Who will be at the photo shoot?

Me, you, possibly my assistant (this depends on the location and how much stuff I have to carry) and if you wish, your friend.

What shall I wear?

We are going for a stylish, age appropriate look with a sexy feminine edge.  I favour the less is more approach – subtle, sexy, stylish; avoiding large patterns or prints and going for a subtle, muted palette to compliment your natural tones.

We will fine tune the wardrobe once we are ready to shoot but the important thing is that you look like you and feel comfortable.

Will you digitally manipulate / use Photoshop on the images?

Yes and no.  Images viewed straight from a digital cameral can look a little ‘flat’. Therefore, the post production work on the photographs is likely to be a little colour balance, contrast and sharpening. This will give the images a bit of professional ‘pop and polish’ but we will not do any skin smoothing, wrinkle softening or body re-shaping.

Who will own the images?

I will own the copyright on all images taken.

Who is financing this project?

I am.

Will I be paid?

No but I will provide refreshments during the shoot.

Will you earn any money from my photographs?

No. This is a non commercial, personal project. You will be required to sign a Model Release Form before the shoot can commence.

What is a Model Release?

A Model Release form is a kind of liability waiver signed by the subject of the photograph granting permission to the photographer to publish the photograph. Here is my standard Model Release form.

How will my images be used?

The series of images will be displayed on my website under the title the ‘NATURALISTAS’ series.  This is an ongoing project, so after each shoot I will post a notification on my Facebook page with a link to my website to view the latest ‘naturalista’ to join the series.

If / when the project gains momentum I would like to promote it to a wider audience, to ‘spread the word’ if you will. I want this project to inform and educate, to reshape opinion and challenge the prejudice so often directed towards grey hair.

Will I get a copy of my photograph?

Yes, you will receive high and low resolution version in digital format with permission to print and copy the image for personal use. It will be subtlety watermarked to denote its inclusion in the ‘NATURALISTAS’ series.

I have more questions.

Please email me. Ask anything. I want you to feel 100% comfortable with this. If you’d rather meet for a chat before making up your mind, that’s absolutely fine; email me and we can arrange a mutually convenient time and place.

I’m interested. How do we get this started?

Email me. Tell me a little about yourself; where you live, work, family, interests etc, how long you have been wearing your hair natural, and of course, do include any questions you have. I’ll get right back to you and arrange a mutually convenient time to meet for a chat and fix up the shoot.

Please don’t feel pressured, if you just want more information before making up your mind, that’s fine – no obligation, no pressure.

Are you a ‘NATURALISTA’?

Yes, I ditched the dye in May 2014 :)